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Philippe Laumond
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Philippe Laumond acrylique painting acrylique painting
Philippe Laumond was born in 1960 in Clermont-Ferrand.
Philippe Laumond Art figuratif
In the continuity of his early attraction to drawing, painting seemed to be the natural prolongation to his imperial need to fix his emotions onto caneva. The artist, amateur only by spirit not in creativity, is always looking for vivacity in his lines, mastering perspectives by bending and sublimating them. Philippe Laumond gives forms and motion to his masterpieces by working his "fil de peinture" technic.
Philippe Laumond 's style generaly relates to abstract expressionism but leaves an important place to gestual and action painting.
The artist expresses his thoughts, his sentiments using abstract forms and vivid colors, the idea being to give power to the texture, to the fabric and to the light without omiting the gesture of the artist, impulsive and controled.
The artist usualy uses large brushes and round paintbrushes. He very often plays on the contrasts between black and colors in order to enlight them.

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